Upcoming Events

  • Rebar Group Event
    Sat, Jul 24
    10301 Taylorsville Rd
    Join The Nerd Nation for a night of games, drinks and awesome nerdy fun! This event is listed until 10, because kids aren't allowed past then, but we almost always hang out past then. So, come join us for a great time!!!
  • Nerd Nation Godzilla Vs. Kong Private Screening
    Sat, May 01
    This event has a limited capacity and requires masks, so only RSVP if you are 100% sure you can come. Admission is free but concessions must be purchased separately.
  • Nerd Nations Extra Life Fundraiser
    Sun, Dec 20
    The Nerd Nations Extra Life Fundraiser
    We are joining with Norton's Childrens hospital to raise money for children who need treatment. Click the link below to donate! https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.extra-life.org%2Findex.cfm%3Ffuseaction%3DdonorDrive.participant%26participantID%3D427252%26fbclid%3DIwAR1-5Pr8yT0kzwteragR
  • 2 Def Share the Warmth
    Fri, Dec 11
    The Nerd Nation, Inc.
    We will be working with the Coalition for the Homeless through Wayside Christian Mission at the Louisville Hotel to help us get these clothes and blankets to those who desperately need them. We will be ending the drive and dropping off all donations on Dec. 11th.
  • Toy Drive For Family Scholar House
    Thu, Dec 03
    The Nerd Nation, Inc.
    This Fundraiser is a toy collection drive and a joint effort between Family Scholar House, Fieler's Giving Tree and The Nerd Nation to provide local families with toys for their children for Christmas
  • Nerd Nation Giveaway
    Tue, Nov 24
    Nerd Nation PS5 Giveaway!
    Check out the announcement section in our Facebook group for details! https://www.facebook.com/groups/OfficialTheNerdNation
  • Trivia Night!
    Sun, Oct 11
    640 Barret Ave
    Come join the Nerd Nation for a fun night of nerdy themed trivia!
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